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Unleash Your Design Mojo: A Graphic Designer Personality Test

Jenalee Marshall, graphic designer + studio owner in Salt Lake City, Utah

This quiz will help you discover your unique design personality! Answer honestly and see which creative path resonates most with you.

Instructions: Choose the answer that best describes you.

  1. When faced with a design challenge, you: (a) Dive straight in, sketching and brainstorming ideas. (b) Research trends and analyze competitors' work first.

  2. Your ideal work environment is: (a) A vibrant studio filled with inspiration boards. (b) A quiet space with minimal distractions.

  3. You describe your design style as: (a) Bold and playful, pushing boundaries. (b) Clean and minimalist, focusing on functionality.

  4. You're most excited about: (a) Experimenting with new design tools and techniques. (b) Perfecting the details and ensuring technical accuracy.

  5. What motivates you most in your work? (a) Expressing your unique vision and creativity. (b) Solving problems and creating user-friendly designs.

  6. When receiving feedback, you: (a) Embrace the challenge and try new approaches. (b) Prefer clear and specific critiques to refine your work.

  7. Your favorite part of the design process is: (a) The initial brainstorming and concept development phase. (b) The final stages of polishing and presenting the finished product.

  8. You find yourself drawn to: (a) Abstract art and experimental typography. (b) Classic design principles and clean layouts.

  9. You learn best by: (a) Watching tutorials and attending creative workshops. (b) Reading design blogs and articles.

  10. When collaborating with clients, you: (a) Advocate for your creative vision while considering their needs. (b) Actively listen to their feedback and translate it into design.

Illustration for Graphic Designer Personality Quiz by Jenalee Marshall, 2024.

Results (Based on majority answers):

Mostly A's: The Visionary

You're a born innovator with a passion for pushing boundaries! Your creativity thrives in a dynamic environment, and you're excited to experiment with new ideas. You excel at generating bold, unique concepts and have a strong artistic vision.

Mostly B's: The Strategist

You're a detail-oriented designer with a focus on functionality. You value research and problem-solving, ensuring your designs are not only beautiful but also user-friendly. Your strengths lie in clean, minimalist aesthetics and clear communication through design.

Balanced A's & B's: The Harmonizer

You possess a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise. You enjoy brainstorming ideas but also excel at refining them into well-executed designs. You're comfortable collaborating with clients and translating their needs into visually impactful solutions.

Fewer than 5 of either A or B actually appeal to you:

This quiz might not perfectly capture your design personality! You might be a hybrid of the above or drawn to a specialized design field like UI/UX design, motion graphics, or perhaps a different field altogether.

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