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Why a degree in Advertising AND Design gives me an edge in promoting your business.

Jenalee Marshall, graphic designer in Salt Lake City Utah.

Advertising and design are two essential components of any successful business. Advertising helps to raise brand awareness and drive sales, while design helps to create a visually appealing and memorable brand identity.

When done well, advertising and design can work together to create a powerful marketing force that can help businesses to achieve their goals.

Here are some of the ways that advertising and design can be used to achieve business success:

  • Increase brand awareness: Advertising can help to increase brand awareness by putting your company or product in front of potential customers. When people see your ads, they will start to recognize your brand and what you stand for.

  • Drive sales: Advertising can also help to drive sales by generating interest in your products or services. When people see your ads, they may be more likely to visit your website, call your business, or make a purchase.

  • Create a positive brand image: Advertising and design can be used to create a positive brand image by conveying your company's values and personality. When people see your ads and branding, they should get a sense of what your company is all about.

  • Stand out from the competition: In today's crowded marketplace, it's more important than ever to stand out from the competition. Advertising and design can help you to do this by creating unique and memorable marketing materials that will capture people's attention.

If you're looking to achieve business success, advertising and design are two essential tools that you need to have in your marketing arsenal. And luckily I have degrees in BOTH. By using these tools effectively, you can reach your target audience, build brand awareness, drive sales, and create a positive brand image.

To learn more about my educational chops visit my About page.

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